Weekly Schedule & Upcoming Events

Tuesday: 6:30-9 Legally Blonde – Act II starting scene 3

Wednesday: 6:30-9 Legally Blonde – Act I -NO BOOKS!

Thursday: 6:30-9 Legally Blonde – Act I NO BOOKS!

Friday: 10-1 Legally Blonde Choreography TBD at rehearsals

*Set building all day – All cast members are to put in a minimum of 2 hours of set work.

Saturday:10-1 Legally Blonde Choreography- Shelley – Set building all day – Kent

 Up Coming Events

April 26 ISSMA Contest & DCMA Dinner fundraiser at Middle school

May 2, 3, 4 Legally Blonde with Art show in gym

May 6 – Rehearsal for Spring Variety Show

May 8 Spring Variety Show/Senior Night

May 12 & 13 – Dance workshops for show choir tryouts

May 14 2014 – 2015 Show Choir Auditions

May 15 Spring Choral Concert/Awards

Waltham Massachusetts Contest Results

DeKalb Show Choirs made a big splash at the Waltham Eastern Show Choir Competiton.  Sound Sensation captured Grand Champion of the unisex division.  2nd was Bonita Vista HS from Chula Vista California and 3rd was Shepherd Hill.  8 Unisex choirs from Virginia, Indiana, Calfornia and Massachussets competed.  Waltham did not give best vocal or best choreography awards in the unisex division.

Classic Connection captured Grand Champion with Best Vocals and Best Choreography.  2nd was Oliver Ames HS from Massachussets, 3rd was Bonita Vista HS from Chula Vista California, 4th was Sheperd Hill, 5th was Hanover HS.

DeKalb Show Choirs then toured New York City on Sunday and Monday, seeing 2 Broadway shows – Pippin and Newsies; a late nite visit to the top of the Empire State Building, a bus tour of upper, central and lower Manhattan on Monday including a stop at the 9 11 Memorial and dinner in Little Italy.  Everyone arrived home safely at Tuesday noon.

State Runners Up

First-runners up at finals

DeKalb High School’s Sound Sensation girls choir and Classic Connection mixed choir take second place


First-runners up at finals 


 Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2014 11:00 pm

PLAINFIELD — DeKalb High School show choir members ranked Saturday’s performances at the state finals as their best of the year.

As the judges saw it, they just weren’t quite as good as Northridge.

DeKalb High School’s Classic Connection mixed choir and Sound Sensation girls choir both finished as first runners-up Saturday in their divisions of the Class B state finals at Plainfield High School near Indianapolis.

In the women’s division during the morning and afternoon, DeKalb ranked less than one point behind Northridge, with host Plainfield taking third out of nine competing choirs. DeKalb won the category award for best visual effect, while Northridge won the award for best vocals.

Ditto in the mixed choir divison Saturday night: Plainfield first with best vocals, DeKalb second with best visual effect, this time 2.3 points back, and Plainfield third.

“It was an amazing show — probably the strongest show we’ve done all year,” DeKalb co-director Kent Johnson said about Classic Connection’s performance. A few hours earlier, he used almost exactly the same words to describe Sound Sensation’s effort.

Johnson said Classic Connection overcame a major distraction when a member of the choir became ill just as the show was ready to begin.

Still, “We performed a great show. We left it all out on the stage, and we represented everything we stand for,” said senior choir member Grant Lockwood.

“It was one of our best performances all year,” said Chandler Likes.

“I’ve never been more proud of my family,” senior Anna Muckenfuss said about her fellow choir members, adding, “and I don’t want to leave them at the end of the year.”

“We performed for all the right reasons,” said Chris Mock. “There’s no other show choir that I would rather be a part of.”

Earlier in the day, Sound Sensation members spoke proudly of their runner-up showing.

“All I have to say is: We rocked!” said Brittany Pogue. “I feel like today we were completely awesome — and we had a great season.”

Sound Sensation won the women’s division at five show choir contests this winter.

“Overall, I’m really proud of Sound Sensation,” said Elizabeth Bolinger. “We’ve been blessed with an amazing year and an amazing show.”

“This season has probably been my favorite” of four years in the group, said Megan Buss. “Sometimes, we can’t really control the outcome. I’m pleased with where we’re at.”

“This year has probably been the closest as a family” for the group, said Julianne Boyd. “Our show probably was the best one we’ve ever had.”

Sound Sensation repeated its second-place finish of 2013. The choir has won the women’s state title three times in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Classic Connection had won the state crown in four of the past five years, finishing second in 2012. This season, Classic Connection took home the overall grand champion trophy from three contests.

Classic Connection’s show began with a medley of “Save the World” by Pentatonics and “Speed of Light” by Avalon, with a solo by Anna Muckenfuss. It continued with “Raise You Up” from the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots,” featuring solos by Julianne Boyd and Matt Irwin. Another medley mixed “There’s a World” and “The Power of One.“ A ballad, Broadway tune “Change the World,” had a solo by Megan Buss. Bruce Bell sang a solo in “One World,” and the show closed with “Around the World,” including a solo by Brandon Park

Sound Sensation started its show with a magical theme. The opening mixed Broadway tunes “Magic” from “Xanadu” and “Magic to Do” from “Pippin,” with a solo by Muckenfuss. The theme continued with a medley of “I Put a Spell On You,” “Love Potion No. 9” and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, featuring soloist Boyd.

The show’s ballad was a medley of “With You” from “Pippin” and “Gifts of Love” from “The Baker’s Wife,” spotlighting soloist Brittany Pogue. Next came “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” by a quintet of senior girls —Buss, Boyd, Pogue, Muckenfuss and Adele Poudrier, plus a saxophone solo by Austin King.

“Heartbreak Hotel” from the Elvis Presley tribute musical “All Shook Up” had a solo by Buss. The show concluded with Broadway tune “Give It Up” featuring a duet by Poudrier and Pogue.

The Indiana State School Music Association state finals contest often ends the show choirs’ competition season, but not this year. DeKalb’s groups will travel during spring break, April 3-8, to perform in a large contest at Waltham, Mass. From there, the choirs will visit New York to see two Broadway shows and tour the city, including the 9/11 memorial and Empire State Building.

From TV 21 Alive

10 Area Show Choirs To Compete At State Finals

By Eric Dutkiewicz – 21Alive

March 20, 2014 Updated Mar 20, 2014 at 3:10 PM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS (21Alive) – Ten area show choirs will compete Saturday in the Indiana State School Music Association Show Choir State Finals.

The show choirs, competing in either the women’s division or mixed division in both small and large classifications, will perform as part of the all-day competitions at Plainfield and Indianapolis North Central high schools.

Northeast Indiana show choirs competing are: Carroll High School’s Select Sound and Ministrel Magic, Columbia City High School’s City Lights and City Heat, DeKalb High School’s Sound Sensation and Classic Connection, East Noble High School’s Premiere Edition, Huntington North High School’s Varsity Singers and Northrop High School’s Allure and Charisma.

A schedule of performances can be seen here: Small Schools and Large Schools.

21Alive extends good luck to all the show choirs competing.



Sound Sensation and Classic Connection compete tomorrow Saturday March 22 at Plainfield HS for the State Championship.  Sound Sensation performs at 10:30 am with women’s awards at 1:45 pm.  Classic Connection performs at 5:00 pm with mixed awards at 9:00 pm

Weekly Schedule

Monday 6:30 – 9 Classic Connection

Tuesday 6:30 – 9 Sound Sensation

Wednesday 6:30 – 9 Legally Blonde Leads and Greek Chorus

Thursday 7:30  State Finals Preview Show for the Community.  Everyone welcome – no admission.

Friday 5:15 Load trailer

Saturday STATE FINALS!!!!!

Watseka Results, State Finals & Preview Show

Watseka Illinois was the location for the end of the regular competition season for DeKalb Show Choirs.  Sound Sensation won the Women’s division as well as the award for Best Band.  Christy Williams was named Best Performer in the show.  Sound Sensation also scored high enough to qualify them for the finals.

Classic Connection won Grand Champion with Best Vocals and Best Choreography.  They also won an award for having the Best Costumes.  Brittany Pogue was named Best Performer in the show.  2nd was Sullivan Illinois, 3rd was Sound Sensation, 4th El Paso Gridley Mixed, 5th Alan B. Shepard and 6th was El Paso Gridley women’s choir.

Both groups qualified for the State Finals in Plainfield IN next Saturday.  Sound Sensation performs at 10:30 am and Classic Connection performs at 5 pm.

Sound Sensation and Classic Connection will perform their shows for the community on Thursday evening at 7:30 pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend – there is no admission charge.  We will also take a few minutes to recognize our seniors.


Bishop Luers Results

Sound Sensation was 2nd in the women’s division at the Bishop Luers 40th anniversary contest.  Mundelien was 1st and Edgewood was 3rd.   Best Performer was Julianne Boyd.

Classic Connection was 2nd in the championship division.  Classic Connection was the winner of the Class B division and 2nd overall.  Grand Champion was Findley Oh, 2nd DeKalb, 3rd Edgewood from Ellotsville IN, 4th Mundelien, 5th Fairfield IN, 6th Anderson.  Best Performer was Chris Smock.

DeKalb show choirs go back into competition this Saturday at Watseka IL.  This is the first trip back to Watseka in about 10 years.  DeKalb used to go annually to this competition but got away from it when Indiana started the State competition.  Watseka is our last regular season competition before State.  The draw for State will be Sunday afternoon.

Fairfield Crytal Classic Results

Sound Celebrating at FairfieldSound Sensation continues to roll like a freight train capturing another Grand Championship with Best Vocals and Best Choreography at Fairfield OH.  Megan Buss was selected as the Best Performer in the show.


Classic Connection is also having a great year.  CC placed 3rd at Fairfield giving one of their best performances ever on Saturday night.  Julianne Boyd was named Best Performer in the show.

And last weekend wouldn’t be complete unless we had another winter storm to drive into on our way home.  This Saturday, DeKalb Show Choirs will be competing at Bishop Luers in Ft. Wayne.  It is their 40th anniversary (this is where the whole crazy show choir thing got started).  Classic Connection won the 25th Anniversary at Luers.

Franklin Central Results

DeKalb Show Choirs had a strong showing at Franklin Central HS on Saturday. In the women’s division, Sound Sensation was 2nd.  Zionsville was named Grand Champion and Shepherd Hill from Massachusettes was 3rd. Brittany Pogue was selected as the Best Performer in the show.

Classic Connection was 4th in the mixed division. Grand Champion was Zionsville, 2nd was Pike HS from Indy, Edgewood HS from Ellotsville IN was 3rd and Carroll HS from Ft Wayne was 5th. Audria Carter was named Best Performer in the show.

As a side note, we have not seen a judging panel like this in a long time.  All were quite qualified and had judged many times, but no two judges could agree on anything we did.  One visual judge would be critical of the way the kids stood during the ballad and the other visual judge would love the way they stood.  One vocal judge would tell us that a certain part of a song was not in tune and the other judge would praise us for our intonation in that section of the song.  One judge would tell us that our band was too loud and overpowering the singers and another judge would praise us for how well the balance was between the singers and the band.  All that said, we were happy to have made the finals and in the end Classic Connection did improve their ranking from the day show.  We did finish ahead of many good schools, including Warren Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Shepherd Hill Mass (who we will see again in Boston).

This Saturday, DeKalb Show Choirs will be at Fairfield HS in Ohio.


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