2014 DeKalb Invitational

The 2014 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational was a great success thanks to all of the great choirs, judges, spectators, custodians, teachers, staff and administration.  Chris & Terri Straw are awesome Invitational Chairmen – with Co-Chairs Mary Jo & Rick Williams and Angie & Doug Lockwood and all of the chairs & co-chairs of the various aspects of the invitational.  Most of all, a BIG thank you to the awesome volunteers – parents, grandparents, family, alumni, alumni family and friends of the program are what make the DeKalb Invitational such a great event. 

I need to say Thank You to Rob Rider and everyone at Rider productions who provides the sound and lights in our gym.

The atmosphere was electric as we had to open the north balcony to allow everyone a chance to see the afternoon awards.  Sound Sensation and Classic Connection’s performances made us all so very proud.  While the weather wasn’t perfect, everyone did their best to adjust and I didn’t hear any complaining except for the fact that everyone is very tired of Old Man Winter. 

When everything was packed away and it looked like a school again, I had the biggest smile on my face.  This is our 29th year at DeKalb HS and our 31st in the DeKalb Central District.  We are so proud of what we have accomplished at DHS.  This is a wonderful community.

Kent & Shelley Johnson


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