Franklin Central Results

DeKalb Show Choirs had a strong showing at Franklin Central HS on Saturday. In the women’s division, Sound Sensation was 2nd.  Zionsville was named Grand Champion and Shepherd Hill from Massachusettes was 3rd. Brittany Pogue was selected as the Best Performer in the show.

Classic Connection was 4th in the mixed division. Grand Champion was Zionsville, 2nd was Pike HS from Indy, Edgewood HS from Ellotsville IN was 3rd and Carroll HS from Ft Wayne was 5th. Audria Carter was named Best Performer in the show.

As a side note, we have not seen a judging panel like this in a long time.  All were quite qualified and had judged many times, but no two judges could agree on anything we did.  One visual judge would be critical of the way the kids stood during the ballad and the other visual judge would love the way they stood.  One vocal judge would tell us that a certain part of a song was not in tune and the other judge would praise us for our intonation in that section of the song.  One judge would tell us that our band was too loud and overpowering the singers and another judge would praise us for how well the balance was between the singers and the band.  All that said, we were happy to have made the finals and in the end Classic Connection did improve their ranking from the day show.  We did finish ahead of many good schools, including Warren Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Shepherd Hill Mass (who we will see again in Boston).

This Saturday, DeKalb Show Choirs will be at Fairfield HS in Ohio.


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