Heart of America Florida Trip

The DeKalb Show Choirs returned home late Monday night from a wonderful trip to Florida and competing in the Heart of America Orlando Competition.

We arrived Thursday morning to colder than expected temperatures and needed to adjust our schedule as Typhoon Lagoon was closed.  We visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Thursday instead.  Friday we visited Typhoon Lagoon and enjoyed the water park immensely.  Friday night we had dinner at Cici’s, returned to the hotel for rehearsal in the parking lot and then to bed.

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to the Orlando Convention Center which is a 7 million square feet building – wow is that place large!  We unloaded our equipment and headed for the freight elevators which took us to the freight elevator for the performances.  While the competition did get behind schedule (Classic’s performance was 2 hours later than scheduled), overall it was very well run and we were treated wonderfully.  We got to compete against some of the best choirs in the nation and just being in that company was amazing.

We visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom on Sunday and had an awesome day there.  After the park closed, we headed back for Indiana.

The only unexpected items happened to the truck and trailer.  We blew a tire on the trailer on the way down, had a car run into the trailer shortly after exiting the Florida toll road (no damage to the trailer, thankfully) and blew a tire on the truck shortly after leaving for home on Sunday.  We were very thankful for all of the roadside assistance we received and were happy that these events happened to the truck and trailer and not to the buses full of kids.Magic Kingdom 3 2018


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