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Huntington North Schedule

7:45 am – Meet at school

8 am – Leave for HN High School

9:30 am – Arrive at HNHS

Solo warm-up ASAP

11 am – Solos

12:15 – SS Meeting

12:50 – SS Warm-up

1:20 – SS Performance!

1:50 – SS Clinician

3:15 – CC Meeting

3:50 – CC Warmup

4:20 – CC Performance!

5:15 – CC Clinician

6:25 – AWARDS

7:20 – Finals start


1 AM – Home


Weekly Schedule 2-19

Mon: 4:30 Dynamix; 6-9 CC; 7:30 Rhythm Section only (NO HORNS)

Tue: TBD Classic Quartet new song

Wed: 5 Dynamix; 6-9 SS (Dance Room); 7:30 Rhythm section only (NO HORNS)

Thurs: 5:30 Quartet new song; 6 Dynamix; 6:30 Both shows w/ BUB

Sat: Huntington North Contest

**Reminders: PLEASE pay costume fees + Florida ASAP

Ben Davis Results

Sound Sensation was 5th out of all Unisex choirs.  Franklin Central 1st, North Central 2nd, Castle 3rd, Edgewood 4th, DeKalb 5th.

Classic Connection was 2nd with Best Choreography.  New Castle 1st, DeKalb, Pendleton 3rd, New Palistine 4th, Franklin Central Young 5th.  Matt Lamson and Austin Osterhout were co-Best Male Soloists in a show.

New week we are at Huntington North.

A note from the Administration

A note from our assistant Principal – Rief Gilg,
I had the chance this weekend to take in some truly incredible performances by a group of incredible people.
 Saturday I stopped by the DeKalb Invitational, the largest show choir invite in this part of the country.  I was flabbergasted by the sheer logistics of putting such an event on; organizing everything, getting competent people to fill roles, etc.  A huge note of appreciation to those who planned, and implemented, the day.
 And then there were the performances.  I can neither sing nor dance, so the fact that we have so many students who can do both simultaneously is so impressive!  The old coach in me was most impressed by how well our students do fundamental things, and build off those elements to take their routines to new heights.  It was so cool to watch, and such an honor to be a part of a school that has people with this level of dedication and talent!
 On Sunday, I got to go to downtown Ft. Wayne to watch some of our art students receive recognition for work they have done.  Like Saturday night, I was struck with a sense of awe being surrounded by people who possess such talent!  I was so proud of our students, and like with our show choir students, I was terrific to recognize I am a part of a school with people of such focus and ability.
 I have always found that those who practice the arts get short changed in the following way.  Many people see performances or pieces of artwork and feel as if the performer or artist is just blessed with incredible talent.  While these students without a doubt have tremendous abilities, seeing or watching the finished product doesn’t give credit to the tremendous work and dedication these people put into their discipline.  The hours of practice, the learning from mistakes, the climbing back up when you fall down. 
 So with that in mind, I want to thank these students and sponsors; thank you, certainly, for sharing your talents with us.  We are all better because you are gracious enough to do so!  But thank you also for your dedication, your focus; thank you for getting up before the sun and putting in 20+ hour days. Thank you for having the courage to put a creation of your mind on paper, or in clay, or in photography for others to see.  Thank you for your dedication to your crafts!
 It’s great to be a Baron!
 Have a terrific Tuesday!



A very BIG thank you to all of the parents, family and friends who volunteered to help make the 27th Annual DeKalb Show Choir Invitational a great success.  We were very fortunate to avoid the heavy snow they were calling for and Friday and Saturday were filled with great performances.  Every choir brought their A game and we saw some wonderful shows.

Shelley and I are very proud of our team that works very hard to make this day exciting and fun.  Chris & Terri Straw make it look easy, but it’s because all of the planning they do.

Art Students Recognized

Art Student in Choir 2018

Congrats Kendyl and Ryleigh

Northrop Results

Sound Sensation was 4th, just missing the finals.  Best Performer was Emma Beer.

Classic Connection was 4th after finals.  Colin Becker was named Best Performer.

This weekend is DeKalb’s 27th Annual Show Choir Invitational.

Shelley wins award

Shelley was awarded the Outstanding Achievment in Music Education award at Northrop’s Show Choir Invitational Saturday February 3rd.  Seen here is Shelley receiving the award from Northrop’s director – Tom Maupin.

Shelley Northrop AwardShelley Northrop Award hug

Bishop Dwenger results

Sound Sensation was 2nd in the unisex division at Bishop Dwenger last Saturday.  Best Performer was Kate Schaab.  Edgewood was GC and Homestead was 3rd.

Classic Connection was 5th at Dwenger.  Edgewood was GC, Homestead 2nd, Northrop 3rd, Bishop Luers 4th.  Best Performer was Sara Muckenfuss.

DeKalb Show Choirs are back in competition this Saturday at Northrop.

Jan 23 Star

Star Jan 2018