ACC & Concert Choirs

Advanced Concert Choir was an audition based choir that was formed for students who are preparing for or choose not to belong to one of the show choirs but want to be involved in a more advanced musical ensemble than the concert choir.  Advanced Concert Choir or ACC as it is known, rehearse and perform more difficult music literature than the concert choirs.  ACC also has choreographed performances throughout the year allowing students to more fully develop their performance abilities.  ACC competes annually  at the ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) Organizational competition in the spring.

Combined Concert Choirs Spring 2011

The DHS Choral department had 3 concert choirs as well as Sound Sensation and Classic Connection who convert to concert choirs after show choir season is completed.  The Advanced Concert Choir (ACC) is an audition ensemble.  The other two  Concert Choirs are non-auditioned ensembles made up of students in grades 9-12.  The Concert Choir, ACC, Sound Sensation and Classic connection competes annually in the spring at the I.S.S.M.A.  Organizational competition in Fort Wayne where they perform their serious music.

Advanced Concert Choir Spring 2011