Classic Connection

Our motto –

E Pluribus Unum  “Out of many, one”

CC Wins State 2013

CC Wins State 2013

Classic Connection is a select group of students from DeKalb High School in Waterloo, Indiana who have been in competition for the past 29 years under the direction of Shelley Johnson.   Other staff include Choreography by Dwight Jordan, Back Up Band directed by Jeremy Western & Jake Kern assistant directors are Nick Maloy and Shelby Bassett.

In October of 2010, Classic Connection was named one of the 10 favorite show choirs in America by readers of Parade Magazine.

In 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2013 – Classic Connection was named Class B State Champion in the ISSMA State Show Choir Finals.

This is Classic Connection celebrating after winning the 2011 ISSMA State Finals